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Default A glove to love?

Hello everyone,
I'm a newbie here on the forums and to riding itself (less than 2 mos on the road as the rider). I'm struggling with ATGATT in the area of gloves. I don't want to ride without gloves because I really find my fingers useful and would like to keep them! I have purchased 3 different pairs of gloves and tried on many, MANY more types/styles/weights/brands/sizes but can't find any that don't bunch irritatingly where my fingers meet my hands. My fingers keep going numb (partially because I'm still in the death grip stage) from the bunching cutting of circulation. I can't afford to keep buying gloves, they're not cheap! I'm desperate for recommendations for a pair of cool weather and hot weather riding gloves or better yet, a pair that is good for both. Any assistance would be appreciated. :)
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Default Re: A glove to love?

Hi other Iowa person!!

I recently bought (and like you, this is my third pair) a pair of Alpinestars Stella MX-2 Air Carbon Gloves. So far I am in love with them. They are warmer weather gloves, however, I have been wearing them in this odd cool/hot thing we've got going on and they've been just fine. I am not kidding myself into thinking they're going to be okay when we have high temps in the 40s, though.

My hands are on the small side and the size chart they have seems accurate.
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Default Re: A glove to love?

I absolutely LOVE my Lee Parks gloves... have had them for about 3 years now and they fit me... well, like a glove! The leather is very pliable and molds to the form of your hand as you wear them. I personally prefer the gauntlet-type glove to go over the sleeve of my jacket so no hitchhiking bugs get up my sleeves!

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Default Re: A glove to love?

This is the review I wrote on my TourMaster Adventure gel gloves following our tour last summer.

Gloves - TourMaster Adventure Gel - Love them! These gloves fit my hands perfectly, and provide the knuckle armor my previous gloves lacked. They also have gel pads in the palms that make them more comfortable and protect against tingling from bar vibrations. I had concerns about whether they would be too hot, but found it not to be a problem. My hands felt comfortable at 100+, and with my heated grips, they felt comfortable into the 40's and in rain. (I have hand guards, so my hands stay fairly protected from rain and wind.) I would bill these as a true 3 season glove. 5 stars
And a link to a more detailed review.

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Default Re: A glove to love?

I'm loving my Rev'It Kelvin H20 three season gloves - I'm a glove whore for sure but keep coming back to these as I have no heat on the XT - only handguards and I ride in sub-freezing temps:

But for summer riding, brlChief and I each picked up pairs of these at the IMS show in NY earlier this year - the Eska Butterfly glove - which seems like a perfect gauntlet style glove for summer riding:

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Default Re: A glove to love?

We have a BMW dealer nearby. They had a pair of Held "Steve" gloves in a short finger length that fit me. I believe that Held offers short, medium, and long length fingers in some other models as well.

The rep also pointed out a BMW Motorrad summer glove that had perforations down the side of the fingers. Not quite as long as my Helds, but nice for warmer weather.

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Default Re: A glove to love?

Of the truly armored gloves I've used -- A* Stella GP, and Knox Handroid (with the full cuff), the Knox wins hands down for me. I wore the A* this week because they are so much smaller, and after some time, the armor on the knuckles hurts and there wasn't as much grip on the palm, which made my hands and arms really tired. I also didn't like that I had less feel through them (vs. the kangaroo palm on the Knox), so it was harder to function. I've crashed at high speed and slid on the Knox -- I didn't feel a thing and they did great. The biggest plus on the Knox is that they don't Velcro shut!! No tugging, getting Velcro caught on everything... just this really lovely dial on the outside that tightens them up. AND they are ventilated (albeit less awesome at 30 degrees).
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Default Re: A glove to love?

When I had the bunching where the fingers meet the palm I tried on several pairs of SMALLER sized gloves and that's all I've bought since. The smaller ones are snug for just a little bit so I alternate them with some old ones as I break them in.

Tyler...really like the looks of those Lee Parks. I have a pair of Thurlow's that have 20+ years on them so will check the Parks out when I go to Wing Ding in Greenville, S.C. next month.I've put them on the list for Santa or maybe my birthday.
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Default Re: A glove to love?

I have some cortech gloves I like. I wear guys small, women's gloves never fit right. They are either ridiculously long and thin fingers or to stubby. Particularly in the thumb, which is the worst!!
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Luna Tique
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Default Re: A glove to love?

I have a pair of the TourMaster Adventure gel gloves and find them comfortable.

On my hand they do NOt bunch up.
They are soft and feel broke in the moment you slip you hand inside them.

They are shorter than any glove I have ever owned( I always wore long gauntlet styles) but they come up over the wrist high enough to fasten "OVER" your sleeve cuff.

I have hand guards and heated grips so I can wear them year round.

Back story on my hand:
Cramping was becoming a major PITA for me. I caught my hand in the door jamb of the car a few years ago ( long rather boring story) and did some soft tissue damage that I only have problems with when trying to use the clutch after being on the road for a few hours. What happens is the hand cramps up and twists my fingers around so far they cross. My only solution is to shake it out constantly and bend the finger back pressing them against my leg and hope I do not need to use the clutch.

The TM gloves as rAk mentioned has a nice gel pad in the palm (along with slow healing of the tissue) has elevated the "big" cramping in my left hand Now I can ride 300 miles with only minor cramping in my left hand
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